Sunday mornings

Gateway Chapel meets Sunday mornings at the Auburn Riverside Theater in Auburn, WA. Like many new churches, we meet in a public school so that we are able to begin creating relationships with our community and its families in a tangible way. Our Sunday morning service begins at 10AM. For more details and directions, select the "contact" tab. 

What you can expect on a sunday morning.

1. Before we start our service, feel free to help yourself to a cup of coffee at our welcome table. 

2. We start at about 10am and a band will play 2-3 songs.

3. When the band is done we take a quick break and say "hey." 

4. After the break someone will come up and teach from the Bible. 

5. Depending on the morning, we might end with another song or two. 

6. That’s it! We aim to end at 11:00-11:10.

Afterwards, feel free to hangout! We would love to get to know you better, but you are welcome to head home. Children's classrooms finish up right when the main service does, so this will be the point at which you can go pick up your kids.


Sometimes church feels like something you have to dress up for, sit quietly at and check off your to-do list. The reality is that God loves you, the real you. Not the cleaned up, “better” version of you. So don’t worry about what you wear and make yourself comfortable at Gateway Chapel.