the year of biblical literacy

2017 is The Year of Biblical Literacy at Gateway! We believe that being a disciple of Jesus means that we are a people who hear, love and obey Jesus. We believe that the primary way that we hear Jesus is through His word: The Bible! In our Gospel Community Groups, we are reading through the entire Bible in community beginning on January 1st. On Sunday mornings, we are shaping our gatherings around the year of the Bible as well. The messages on Sunday mornings will follow along with our daily reading and our Gospel Community Groups. Below, you will find some resources and more information on how you can join in!


Reading plan

As a church, we are following a reading plan that has been created by The Bible Project. This plan takes you through the entire Bible in a year, reading through a couple of chapters each day. Click the image to the left to check out the reading plan, and to download yourself a copy. 

In addition to the daily reading plan, The Bible Project also provides some awesome videos for each book of the Bible. We will be watching these videos together in our Gospel Community Groups, but if you would like to watch them again at home, or simply want to be prepared for what's next, you can access them on their website as well.

Joining in late? No problem! If you missed the January 1st start time, you can jump right in on today's date or double up your reading each day to catch up. 

If you aren't already in one, make sure and check out our Gospel Community Groups as we hope that each person is reading through the Bible this year as part of a community.